Pan Jarema

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Works by polish artist Jarema Drogowski has popped up in Shoreditch recently . These two were found on the Foundry and in Rivington Street. More Info: Website:

AliCè – Blackall Street

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At the same time C215 visited Blackall Street, some works by another artist called AliCè also popped up in the same street. AliCè (Alice Pasquini) is painter and freelance illustrator, based in Rome. Here are three of her works from … Continue reading

Whitecross Street Party: Day 1

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I had a wonderful day at the Whitecross Street Party today. It was great to see the street filled with artwork and to see the artists in action. If you didn’t visit Whitecross street today, make sure you make a … Continue reading


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Canadian artist Indigo recently visited London and left us some beutiful artwork. Two of these works are in Red Galleries in Rivington Street, one in the basement and one on the exterior of the building.  The third piece is on … Continue reading

Paul Street: PEN-1, Farkfk, C215

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In Paul Steet and the adjoining Blackall Street you can see works by the likes of PEN-1, Farkfk and C215. See more photos on Flickr See more photos on Flickr Location: View Larger Map

Whitecross Street Party

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The Whitecross Street Party is kicking off this Saturday. “The Rise of the Non-Conformists” event will feature over thirty artists and ten underground musicians. Some of the artwork is already in place. Here is a little preview: [flickr album=72157624413199243 num=30 … Continue reading


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Belgian artist ROA has left his trademark animals on the walls of Shoreditch, and in a few weeks we can expect some more. One of the amazing things with ROA’s work is the scale of the artwork. If you have … Continue reading

Osch – Otto Schade

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Otto Schade is a chilean artist with several works in the Shoreditch area. Here are some of them: [flickr album=72157624326410111 num=10 size=Medium] More Info: On Flickr

Space Invaders

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If you’ve been walking around in the streets of Shoreditch you must have seen the great Space Invaders mosaics dispersed around the area. Unfortunately, in the last few months at least three of the space invaders mosaics have been removed. … Continue reading