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Hackney Wick Revisited

A little while ago I reported about my first trip to Hackney Wick, and since then I’ve been back a few more times. Hackney Wick is a fantastic place with some great street art and graffiti! Unfortunately I missed the Hackney Wicked Festival last year, but I’ll definitely come this year! With the olympics coming up, this is an area undergoing many changes, and a lot of the art will probably be removed soon. If you haven’t been to Hackney Wick yet, make sure you pay the place a visit before the olympics kicks off! A big thank you to the people in Hackney Wick who helped me find some great spots to photograph!
Here are some photos from my recent trips to Hackney Wick:

Stik, CEPT… and the Super Moon:Stik, CEPT... and the Super Moon
Olympic Village, River Lea & 10Foot: 10Foot
Hackney Wick
Safe Walls & Sweet Toof:Safe Walls, Sweet Toof
Sweet Toof:Sweet Toof
Sweet Toof: Sweet Toof
Sweet Toof:
Sweet Toof
Duk:Hanging Duk
Sweet Toof, Cyclops, Gold-Peg:Sweet Toof, Cyclops, Gold-Peg
Run:Hackney Wick
Hackney Wick
Cyclops & Sweet Toof Sweet Toof
Hackney Wick
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Some of the artists featured here are: