C215 and Alice are back in London

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[facebook_ilike] C215 is back in London for his show at Signal Gallery together with Romany WG. At the day of the opening, C215 and Alice Pasquini hit London and produced several great new pieces. You can find these new works … Continue reading


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[facebook_ilike] Anthony Lister has a print show on at Pictures on Walls until July 22nd 2011. To coincide with the show he has put up a few new works in London. Here is a collection of some of his recent … Continue reading


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This piece, by french artist Rensone, has been up for a while, but it is such a good piece that it deserves its own blog post If you haven’t seen this one in person it is worth the trip down … Continue reading

EYE-SAW: “Burger King”

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[facebook_ilike] UPDATE: Another piece has popped up: “UNHEALTHY BALANCE” Yesterday a new piece by EYE-SAW popped up in Hackney Road. EYE-SAW has done some really cool pieces and it was nice to finally see one of them in person. See … Continue reading