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Banksy in the Dark

Banksy, as many other street artists, often work in the realm of darkness. In that spirit I’ve collected a series of photos trying to capture the works in the same light as they where created in. Unfortunately some of these pieces are getting quite old now, and others have been covered in perspex.
I hope you enjoy!

Banksy/ROBBO – Chiswell Street
Banksy/ROBBO Rat -

Banksy – “Haring Dog” / “Choose your weapon”, The Grange, Southwark
Banksy -

Banksy – “Sperm Alarm”, Victoria
Banksy - Sperm Alarm

Banksy’s Living Room, Camden
Banksy - Goldfish
ATM – Banksy Bagel Bar:
ATM - Banksy Bagel Bar
“Very Little Helps”, Islington
Very Little Helps - Banksy
Belsize Park:
Banksy Rat
Belsize Park:
Banksy Rat
Pollard Row:
Rat, White Church Lane:
Banksy - Rat

Cargo, Rivington Street:

Banksy – HMV Dog, Cargo, Rivington Street:
Banksy - HMV Dog

Banksy Rat

Notting Hill:

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  1. Terrific nighttime series–great idea.

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